Thursday, September 24, 2009


One of my favorite places to be is anywhere near an antique shop or flea market, in our alley before trash day, or rummaging through someone's junk before they have a garage sale.

Last week, our neighbor's daughters let me go through 60 boxes in the basement, give them a fair price for any treasures I wanted, and take them to their new home next door.

This typewriter called me over before I had hardly walked in the door.

The daughters laughed when I asked if I could take the old wooden rulers. "oh, we were gonna pitch those..." (me = GASP!)

Oh, can I just tell you I have wanted one of these for YEARS?

I even ordered a new set of McGuffey Readers from Amazon, but sent them back because they were just too new looking.

I nearly swooned when I found it at the bottom of a box of old books.

And my neighbor wrote her name in the front, in 3rd grade style, in CRAYON!

(She was born in 1917!)

Tick-tock, beat the clock. I cut off the bad cord and wa-la! it's always morning now -- my favorite time of day! (but if you like nighttime, then it's 8 PM for you!)

Bowling anyone? How cute are these old bowling pins and balls?

If I had to name my house, I would call it...

The Sentimental Home: where everything tells a story.

What would your home be called?


Mrs. C... said...

I am not sure what my home would be called right now.......homework central! ;) Glad you got a clock that is right twice a day ;) Love the bowling pins, and rulers are great next to the typewriter. You did good on the finds my friend, and it sure beats the "other" store that we talked about :)

Mrs. C... said...

By the way, I forgot to tell you how completely ADORABLE you look. Mrs. Dunbar would be proud how your bag (not purse) matches your jacket and pulls the outfit together. I love the way you look, and wish we lived closer so I could borrow it! ;)

patty said...

ok. i always love looking at your pics, mostly because i'm anticipating what i will see that belongs to me! the mirror with the numbers around it... in my children's play room. do you see common things in my photos?

i also read about hazel... made me catch my breath. how beautiful. how clear she was at that point in time, even on morphine? amazing.

congrats on all the good loot! :)

ps: i would call my house: the house of chaos, or ummm.... messy marvin's. :)

LillySue said...

I have dreams of a day like that...turned loose in a sea of boxes of old treasure. I wake up and wonder how my mind came up with all the antiques I saw in the dream. I have spent hours brousing antique shops, I guess my brain catalogs items for future nights of treasure seeking dreams, heehe!

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