Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Trashman Cometh

Avert your gaze from the tree on its side, the tubs brought up from the basement, the magical lights unplugged.

It's the day after. Time for clutter-free and clear. Simple and snappy. Resting places about the house for the eye. Breathing space. (A minature kitchen tree fell down 2 days ago and it took everything I had not to banish it to the basement right then and there.)

Goodbye Christmas 2009. You were as meaningful as always. Truly.

Time to apologize to the neighbors who hate to look out their front windows today...because their eyes can't help but see our much loved evergreen laying helplessly at the curb. (We've cared for it since Thanksgiving weekend, for heaven's sake!)

I'm sorry it has to be like this. Every year.

But I need my sanity. I need clean, crisp and bright in our home to battle the grays of all the days ahead. No more dark reds and greens. In with the creams and whites!

Bows in their boxes and memories tucked away in my heart. And when I see tulips at the grocery store, they're going in my cart, lickety split!


Mrs. Dunbar said...

I too, am a total packer upper. Everything is in the bins and the tree is chopped up and waiting for Mr. Trashman to arrive.

patty said...

oh-my-gosh! about this, we differ!! (:o
i would leave it up until easter if i didn't think it would reflect so badly on me! i'm waiting until bookclub at my house next week, and then, off with the lights!

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