Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get your game on

So here's our daughter after singing the National Anthem (with her school choir) at the Cleveland Caviliers pro basketball game last night. (Our seats were in the nosebleed section so these shots are from our old camera with the big zoom.) We also have pictures of Shaq and LeBron James!

Flanking the choir were both basketball teams. "Giants" is how our daughter described the players. During timeouts and half-time, a dozen police officers stationed themselves at various places on the court to protect the players. (This surprised, saddened, and fascinated me.)

Our good friends (orange shirts) had seats directly across from us -- too far to find them without the zoom, but easy with it. Angela and I texted throughout the game (which resembled a circus atmosphere with all the loud music, jumbo-tron games, and fire shooting out from the ceiling. Yep. Real fire. Towards the end of the game, my husband was rolling with laughter when he caught sight of me with my fingers in my ears).

Proud mama and the singer (and random happy boy).
Hey, Ruth -- that's my "Beautiful Life" necklace peeking out from behind my vest!

Lastly, I made a wonderful gentleman employee laugh himself silly when he realized the cotton candy I was desperate to find was for ME and not my kids. He was so suprised, his eyes got huge and he high-fived me. When I finally found the pink fluffs of heaven, I bumped into him again and held it up so he could see it. He grinned and told me he knew I'd find it because I had "a determined look" on my face. I love when God intersects our lives with fun people!

Be safe this eve, peeps. One of the reasons 2009 rocked was because of new blogging friends. And at odd times I find myself praying for you, being inspired by you, and smiling thinking about you!
I am grateful for your unique presence in my life.

See you on the flipside in 2010.
(I think "flipside" is trucker language from the days my parents had a CB radio.)
by the way...our trip to Cleveland is a hint to my WORD for the year (instead of resolutions).
Go ahead, guess!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Cathy!!!!! YOU NUT! :)

How fun to click on your post and read it and then see little old me mentioned! LOVE the pic of you and your daughter!!! :)

I SOOO wish we could meet up someday!!

Congratulations to your sweet daughter!!! WOOT!! Way to go, girl!!!



patty said...

oh i'm late. and i always read back posts in opposite order, so if i guessed your word i'd surely win! :)
and, oh! professional basketball team! wow! she's beautiful and looks just like you and i bet you and he were as proud as could be!
happy new year to you, too, cathy! :)

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