Saturday, April 17, 2010

fresh air II

Picture 071

i closed my eyes...

held my breath...

and J U M P E D!

{and that has made all the difference}

*this will be our 6th summer visiting the land of the midnight sun 

i'm playing with pictures and sizing...grateful for Patty, and Irene, too.  oh how i love my blog friends!


patty said...

ohmgoshcathy. really! ah! the birds singing is like icing on the cake. that photo looks like you could walk through it. stunning! i'm so excited for you for alaska... when and how long? (not online, of course!) and can't WAIT to see the photos you bring back w your SLR. have a great day! :)
you should link this with cate today!

Anonymous said...

What stunning scenery. And Patty's comment answered my question - Alaska? Would love to hear more of where you go and what you do there!

Loved the comment you left re your son too - moments like those are just wonderful :-)


imoomie said...

Breathtaking! Makes me want to go there! Soon! Great shot!

The pic on my site was a tree that was just starting to get new growth. It is growing wild out at the barn.

Have a great week!

Paul said...

The skies are so blue and the streams are often so gray...

"i closed my eyes...held my breath...and JUMPED! {and that has made all the difference}."

Truly a philosophy to live by.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...


i am in awe!

jump... jump big!

Anonymous said...

Did you really go there???
Oh my! It's beautiful!

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