Thursday, April 29, 2010


my good buddy, Patty (we met over our bloggy back fences) and I are teaming up with a weekly photography project called "team up thursday".  

each week we get/choose a theme and separately take pictures reflecting that theme.  can you guess this week's theme? 

{i love Patty's hanging bananas in front of the colorful signs!} 

i snapped my picture after i made a fruit salad for the kids

{apparently i don't make fruit salad enough}

they ate it up with gusto!

mrs. dunbar taught me to add a little honey, cinnamon and walnuts to fresh fruit

so that's what i did to this little bowl of goodness

and then i snapped some pictures

and then i stood at my kitchen counter and ate my subject matter

F R U I T!


patty said...

great... so, woo-hoo! we did it! ;)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

YUMMMO! I love your phrase "met over bloggy back fences"! Great!! :)

But don't forget Facebook has back fences, too!! :)



carissa... brown eyed fox said...

look at those shots!
both of those shots scream fresh FRUIT!
love it!

yeah! SO glad yall are doing the thursday dip too.

i've been missing yall! getting ready for our trip...
and just been busy like a crazy lady.

xo... BIG

kim said...

That looks really good! I enjoyed the music on your blog today. I usually turn it off when I go to a blog but the catchy beat had me. I know I should know who that is, remind me.

texassky said...

I love fruit! There's something so fresh and summery in this rubbermaid container that I am holding this very moment. My husband is a sweetheart. He makes our lunches. Today he added fresh strawberries. YEAH! Have a wonderful afternoon.

Mrs. C... said...

Isn't Mrs. Dunbar fancy???? Yummy indeed. I love both pictures, they look like spring to me!

Kellee said...

Oh my goodness, that looks so delicious.

Okay, now I'm starving. Mmmm

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