Tuesday, April 27, 2010

happy house


almost everything in my house makes my heart happy

{i love the people most}

i know i'm not supposed to love things...

but i'm wired so that when my eyes fall on something i think beautiful, i just want to whistle a happy tune!


how could i frown when i gaze upon little (mr.) bo peep here?

and have i told you how i love to blast "happy music" through my house?

it's a beautiful life...la, la, la, la...it's a beautiful time to be here!


when i saw this cute equestrian and his friend at the Country Living Fair, well...i just knew they needed to come home with me...

cuz even turning on lights can bring a smile!

happy colors...textures...shiny...matte...wood....glass...ironstone...

makes me wanna sing...

it's a beautiful world!


Claudia said...

I feel the same way - I love to look around my house at my things and smile!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

That is just how a home ought to feel, right? And the older I get, the more I'm looking around my home thinking "You're next buddy -- out to the curb with you." (NO I'm not saying that to any PERSON in my house...). ;)

I feel the desire more and more to toss things overboard and keep just the few things that I still adore after all these years.

LOVE those pillows by the way!! Woooo!!


Raising NIC said...

i love this!!!

patty said...

awww... if only i could slow down enought to SEE the things in my house! yours seems warm and inviting! :)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh... i couldn't agree more. the little things that make a house OUR home and HOME. they ARE special!
and i love peeks inside your house too.
now that's special!

that little bo peep... oh my... happiness!
and i agree with ruth... yummy pillows! :O)

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