Thursday, December 2, 2010

evening soiree


tonight we host my in-laws and their friends

they swing by for a little dinner party before taking in an annual Christmas concert at the university


this year's theme is "remember"

i've tucked fresh rosemary in antique mustache cups

antique clocks and watch faces nestle in amidst candles

this group has lost some people over the years...but we will remember them

after all, rosemary is for remembrance

and we will remember a baby's birth, too

because with our remembering, the baby brings us 


there's rosemary for remembrance; pray, love, remember...
-william shakespeare


Julie Harward said...

How lovely...that will be so fun! Love the pic's in the post below too...we are on our way too :D

Paul said...

Traditional dinner parties and Christmas concerts/plays...and 'remembering'...and all to the accompaniment of rosemary...
How exquisitely Victorian.
Remembering those who have gone and loving those who are with us are so important...
We love your kind comment of 'popping over the hedges'and visiting our 'corner of blogland'.
Next time we watch the lads of Pickers and the characters of Pawn Shop we will think of you and your creativity.

And belatedly, we hope Thanksgiving for You and your Family was a blessed one.

patty said...

gosh cathy... gorgeous. i love the detail you put into this... it makes your evening SO special. love the quote. love the antiques... beautiful.
i bought a bunch of old watches at a consignment shop one year and hung them by ribbons on the tree... they were a little too little for our big tree... but maybe i'll try again on a garland or tabletop wreath... hmm... thanks for the inspiration!
hope it was fun!

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