Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Consider this amazing video my Christmas card to each of you

Funny how God drops unexpected and delightful gifts right in your lap when you're not even looking

{Come to think of it, God does seem to delight in the unexpected, doesn't He?}

This was made by a 5th grade teacher and his students in the remote Alaskan fishing village we call home every summer...

To see our friends' faces is a beautiful gift indeed!

Merry Christmas



Mrs. C... said...

That song brings me to tears every time. Thank you for sharing that amazing gift with me. Once upon a time, in a distant time.....we had the opportunity to sing that song at Disneyland to the the masses that were there. Magical. However, this message beats all!

Paul said...

"{Come to think of it, God does seem to delight in the unexpected, doesn't He?}"
I am reminded of that old saying,
"Man proposes, God disposes."
This Native Alaskan video is precious, delightful, inspiring, and countless other terms of that nature...and it is so on so many levels.
There is the music, of course. And there are the beautiful people and the settings...
and the exquisit grittiness and stark beauty of the landscapes....
I have sent this video out to our Study Group at Church.
It is rare indeed.
Thank you.
I wish I could send an equal electronic card in return.

patty said...

amazing... this must have been such a delightful surprise!! it made me smile!

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