Friday, December 10, 2010



$3 wooden barn crate...perfect for organizing presents!


free stool and minno canteen...perfect stage for a little greenery and frosted house


estate sale finds...displayed just as they are {what charm those boxes have!}

pretty simple decorating around here this year

how about you?


Paul said...

Pictures are stunning.
And the music, 'Miracles', is 'ear candy'.
Re the minno canteen, whenever I see that word I am reminded of the time in Toronto half a century or so ago that my Dear Grandma asked a policeman where she could find me a canteen [to complete my army outfit]. He innocently sent us to a Honeydew restaurant, understanding her to have asked for something entirely different than she meant.
Words are wonderous things.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I am loving your treasures! Have a wonderful day.

Tiffany said...

I went simple with decorations this year too, as did my dear mom. The older I get the more I like simplicity. Of course, I don't have kids yet, so maybe when that day arrives, I'll find myself going all out again. For now, though, I'm keeping things simple.
I SO love your eye for things. I absolutely adore the way your wrapped your gifts! I may have to "steal" your idea. ;)
Hope your enjoying the holiday season. Can you believe Christmas is almost here?!?

Southern Drawl said...

What a lovely idea...ornaments in the original boxes...Merry Christmas!

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