Wednesday, January 5, 2011



we stopped here on a visit to see my dad between Christmas and New Year's






none of the above...

thanks to my generous dad, we were able to treat the kids to this place on our way to visit he and his wife in florida

so unlike us, really

to go off the path when we had such a short time to drive and visit...

a place with lines and crowds...

but these children of ours are growing up too fast

beginning to move towards the edge of our little nest

so we need to fly together now as much as possible...make as many together-memories as possible

for time? it's fleeting!


we visited Hogsmeade!

i've been funny about the kids reading the books...

spread them out so that they read the "darker" books when they were older

have had good discussions through the years about good vs evil,

about allegories (intentional or not),

the creative mind of JK Rowling...

about God

but back to Hogwarts and the town of Hogsmeade...

it was a magical and wonderful family time

rollercoasters & butterbeer!

an experience not to be forgotten

and one more memory tapestry for this mama bird

to add to our little nest


Julie Harward said...

It sounds like a wonderful time for all of you! Have a great January! :D

patty said...

love your post cathy-i'm feeling the same as jordan actually drove himself andhis brother to school yesterday... alone. {gulp}

Tice said...

That Harry Potter attraction is really amazing, I thouroughly enjoyed it, and I think its awesome you got to share it with your family. God Bless

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