Saturday, January 22, 2011



we were born on the same day

and sometimes it does seem like we're twins...

{i was her birthday gift when she turned 7}

i feel so blessed to have a sister who is also a cherished friend

next week we'll spend our birthday (3 months late) at ikea

the drive, the pitstops, the laughter, the shopping...our relaxed relationship

i just can't wait

* sure do love my sissy *


Claudia said...

You two are definitely sisters! How wonderful that you share a birthday. Have a great time together.


Kellee said...

That is SO COOL that you share the same birthday. :) How lovely. :) I hope you have fun at Ikea, that sounds like a blast. I wish we had one here. :)

Mrs. C... said...

Have a wonderful time!

patty said...

whew! i thought for a minute that i forgot your bday!! :o
hope you had a fabulous time!! great picture, cathy!

lynn said...

I was surfing and what did I find? A picture of my Sissy and me! (AFTER our fun trip to IKEA!) It was all I'd hoped it would be - laughter, fun, shopping, sharing, God, food, more laughter, and sisterhood. Life would just not be as joy-filled without my 7th year birthday present! xoxo

Shashi said...

I have my sister born on same day . She calls me and say Happy birthday and I call her first to say happy birthday .
So we can be friends to have same day birthday of two sisters . love your blog .

Shashi said...

my sister and me have same date of birth . She was my birthday gift after 4 years .

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