Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i just closed the books on another semester of teaching

everyday i walked into the classroom, i felt like there were 18 gifts sitting there waiting for me...we had such fun together!

i teach interpersonal communication, so we spend the semester talking about subjects like how perception affects our interpersonal communication, listening, conflict, relationship development, nonverbal communication...

so on the last day of class i had one more youtube video to share with them

before i pressed "play", i told them this video kind of sums up how we are to communicate with others

i told them the group {nickelback} won't say what the song means, but to me there is a definite faith component.  and when we interact with others, we should approach them love...always, always follow the golden rule

when the video finished, you could have heard a pin drop in the classroom

imagine if we all could see the numbers, too


patty said...

i can't watch the video now b/c i've gotten into the habit of hauling my computer w me & stopping at a local restaurant to blog read... but i will when i get home.
i'm sure you're an awesome teacher.
only the coolest teachers play nickelback! :))
enjoy summer break!

Polly said...

incredible post and video! as always i love your music, listened to your fabulois playlist while cooking dinner tonight :)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Cathy, thanks so much -- I'd never heard this song before and so thanks for sharing it!

You have a way of communicating and relating that is heaven-sent. I wish I could be in your class!

I shared this on my FB page... ;)

Love you! Miss our "chats"!


patty said...

so it took a few days, but came back to watch this video... i'd love to pick your brain about what it means... really. when we step into people's lives and maybe change the course... ? when we become responsible for others? communication?


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