Friday, May 20, 2011

party prepping


using the greatest invention ever to wash my floors...

the mop goes into a salad spinner type thing and you use your foot to spin it however dry you wish!


love these words i borrowed from lisa leonard's line of beautiful jewelry


oh! the cake turned out so well!  her little kindergarten self smiling right at me 

this cake exceeded my expectations!


and these pretty posies already made their way into the buffet table's centerpiece i need to find some more pretty posies for each table

back at it i's been a delightful day preparing for guests

one of my favorite things to do...

always makes me fall in love with my house all over again


*The Beautiful Life* said...

So happy for her!! Congratulations!! :)

(P.S.... love the new pic of you on your blog!!)


Ruthy said...

Beautiful pictures :)

patty said...

i'm sure it was fabulous... and your pictures are beautiful. and your hand-writing!! hello!! you can't possibly drink coffee! :)

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