Monday, May 23, 2011

pomp and circumstance


what an easy and beautiful table-filler...and the strawberries were gone lickety split!


who knew apples in the vase could be such a conversation piece...


my vintage chalkboard i used as a child...i'm so sentimental it's crazy


the little yard that could...everything pulled together so nicely!

i think we probably ended up with 150 guests and everyone was comfortable


my dad used to pick up these glass plate-n-punch sets up for me whenever he saw them at flea markets. since he couldn't make the party, i pulled them out {because i'm so sentimental}...we put veggies on the plates and dip in the cup and placed them on each table

the square glass bowls are from my aunt alba...i know they're older then me


a reason to use my vintage (it was my parents') luggage

the graduate's college sweatshirt next to her toddler dress and little shoes worn when she was 2

it was a beautiful evening

and a wonderful reason to get our yard and home ready for summer

next on the list?

livin' easy for awhile

{other than tearing down the mountain of laundry}

1 comment:

patty said...

everything looks SO lovely! i can only imagine what a wonderful evening it was!
congratulations to madison! and to you and your husband!

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