Monday, May 16, 2011

party people


it is raining so there is no natural light to take pictures...

of the preparations for the big graduation party this weekend

the stack of mulch...the geraniums to be planted...the weeds to be pulled

the edging to be done

{come to think of it, who wants to see those pictures?}


so here are some {more!} pictures of our graduate

these are the professional ones

as vivid as her eyes are, we bought the black and white for our living room
{go figure!}

and me?  i've been down with a cold turned sinus infection...then muddled through our team retreat for Alaska this past weekend...{hey, Beth! thanks for introducing yourself when you saw me at church!}...i just noticed, while eating a soft granola bar this morning, that i have a chipped filling

but i ordered the food, ordered the BIG cake (with her kindergarten picture on it), and bought a new straw tote this morning

oh yes, and see my new picture over there?  i am now a true mistake, but i think i'm loving it.  feel like i look less weary.

alrighty, life is calling.

hope the sun is shining wherever you are

and if it's not...go buy a new straw and leather tote

i think i heard the beach when i looked inside it



Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Congratulations! She is just a doll. i like your hair too and hope you are feeling better.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

i like the brown.

can't wait to see all of the graduation party pics and of course pics from the BIG day.

i need a little beach, its raining here today and i've still got a sick baby. summer is just around the corner though.... can't wait.


patty said...

you are such a joy!

first... sheeewie! she is GORGEOUS... like drop dead. can't believe you are letting her go away to college-just sayin'. ;) the photos are fabulous.

second... hope you are feeling better. hope you enjoy the weekend and all it's events, regardless of whether the weeds get pulled or the flowers planted.

third... can't wait to hear all about it.


Tiffany said...

Your daughter is beautiful! You are so blessed with what seems to be such a sweet family. I hope everything turned out great for her graduation. Congratulations to her and you, too, for raising a successful must be a proud Mama Bear!!

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