Tuesday, February 28, 2012

back in the day

i sat in the bookstore totally delighted by this adorable cookbook

the cover called my name

i mean, i just know i'd love to hang out with griff and cheryl

heck, i'd love to work in their awesome bakery in savannah if it weren't such a long commute

i sadly put the $25 book back on its perch knowing i would go home and order it from my favorite perch for much less

{by the way, i love supporting my local bookstore --even if it is a chain--but their prices are often double amazon's...and amazon usually ships free. come on, barnes and noble!}

anywhoo, i am waiting patiently for my little cookbook to arrive

and then i'll have to figure out which meals will be replaced by cupcakes and s'more pie and nanna pudding and hummingbird cake....


patty said...

how cute are they?! ok. so make me some old fashioned cupcakes and invite me for coffee... i just might give up paleo for that!

Paul said...

We share the same regrets about the demise of the local bookshops...
I bought my leather-bound shelf of 100 year old books fifty years ago in a shop run by a Dear Lady next to Tiger Stadium in Detroit. You had to knock on the door to get in.
It was her house as well as her shop.
There were no B&N or Amazon 'back in the day.'
And now we have those two giants and we have fewer 'shops'.
Just goes to show you: cheaper and faster and more efficient is not necessarily entirely better.
Churchill once said that the internal combustion engine was by no means an unmitigated blessing.
He was right.

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