Wednesday, February 1, 2012



this year has been a year of physical change for me

so much so that when i just ran up the stairs i didn't recognize myself in that mirror

the other day my good pal, christine (hi C!) said 
you're a totally different looking person then when we first met

way back in summer, i wrote about protecting this house

and it's been a good cycle...

cleaning this house on the inside (healthy foods, exercise)

and decorating this house (darker hair, longer hair!, new glasses)

my new house feels stronger...and looks a little more lady-like
(well, not today because i'm cleaning)

who knew protecting my "house" could cause such a physical chain reaction?

{but i am kinda disappointed the woman in the mirror wasn't someone here to help me clean...}


Mrs. C... said...

You are beautiful - Velma glasses and all (to steal the quote from your son). We are cleaning house too!

Arro said...

I'm glad that your "house" is becoming a comfortable and refreshing place to exist. Here's to hoping the new year holds new opportunities for growth and happy development.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

You are beautiful and your reflection is of "Him". You are an amazing woman and I love you and value our long distance friendship.

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