Tuesday, February 21, 2012

l e n t (take 7)


this lent, i'm embarking on a pretty long journey using this book

a dear blogging friend invited me to join her and, at last count, there are 5 of us ("the council") who will help each other out along this sure to be (at times) uphill-with-the-wind-in-our-face-and-the-rocks-crumbling-beneith-us path

some of us will deviate from the author's journey

{and that's a good thing...no cookie cutter approach here}

this weekend i cleaned and organized (we're starting with possessions) like we were moving to africa for the rest of our lives (well, maybe to canada).  i'll deliver over 200 books (dear Lord) to a friend who reads a lot and sends a lot of books to her pen pal prisoners (i've got the coolest friends).  our wedding china (i never liked) went across the street to my friend who told me "i was just telling my sister 'i don't have any good china'. material, old bedspreads went to a crafting neighbor.

i think this will be it for blogging about it.  i want to do this for the right reasons.  

me and God.  i have way more then i need and continually add to the piles.

7, here i come.  i think that's jesus ahead waving and grinning to beat the band.

his laughter puts a spring in my step as i run to meet him


So, what's the payoff to living a deeply reduced life? It's the discovery of a greatly increased God -- a call toward Christ-like simplicity and generosity that transcends a social experiment to become a radically better existence. -j hatmaker


Mrs. C... said...

I'm in. Reluctant but in. Spiritual growing is both exciting and frightening..but scary in the good way. I haven't cleaned out everything yet, but I am working on it.

patty said...

i'm inspired, cathy. i've been seeking peace from clutter for a while now... just so much on my plate. i can't even get the last christmas tree down. (truth) (sad truth). i hope you'll consider blogging aat least a little about it so you will continue to inspire, but i understand your reason not to!

The Tiny Homestead said...

I just popped over from Nester. Thanks for bringing up this book. I never heard of it and it sounds so interesting. I'm so drawn to the idea of less, but after an initial decluttering I don't really know how to move forward.

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