Thursday, February 9, 2012



we received bad news yesterday about a friend recently made

a selfless, loving, gentle, handsome, kind person

an unexpected gift...a beautiful friend!


without warning

and i wonder as i sit here sipping coffee

and reading happy blogs

and checking joyful facebook status messages

and catching glimpses of happy tweets

if, in a moment of weakness (and we all have those),

that he believed the lie that

as i suit up to face the day i am reminded...again

i must ( i must!) move gently through this world speaking encouragement

freely sharing my smile to every soul who crosses my path

judging less, loving more


{that's it, isn't it?}

because everyone...every fighting some kind of battle


Paul said...

'...and i wonder...if, in a moment of weakness that he believed the lie that'

A thought, read or heard somewhere:
'Everyone is normal, until you get to know them.'

Mrs. Dunbar said...

so many battles and struggles, hidden.

the grass always looks greener on the other side doesn't it.

but man, the only truly green pasture is the one that He leads us in.

thinking happy and grateful thoughts of you today.

patty said...

perfectly written. sorry for your loss, my friend.

thankful for your wonderful ear, your compassionate heart.


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

This is a very important post, full of truth and wisdom. I believe this to be the main reason why so many are sad, they see the hi-lights of others lives not what really goes on behind closed doors.Comparison is detrimental to our well being. Thanks Cathy.

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