Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We hosted my husband's new boss and his wife, from Seattle, Friday evening for dinner.

My entire house was clean.
And I wanted all my friends and family and neighbors and bloggy friends and strangers to come visit.

But it's like a good hair day...no one sees your hair -- or your house -- on those days.

But that's alright. Having company is always good for a home.

And good for the homemaker, too.
I function better when my house is CLEAN. How 'bout you?


Mrs. C... said...

Yeah for you!!! Want to come over to my house next? By the way, good song to play as I read your post. It made me smile ;)

Mrs. C... said...

How about this, I come and be a visionary for your yard and pretty plants, and you come to my house and help with Spring cleaning! We can trade!!!!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I always function better when my hosue is clean.

Did the visit go well? I'm sure it did.

Ahhh, now relax and enjoy your freshly cleaned home.

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