Monday, April 13, 2009

Flying Away

Flickr, Sandy Hook
My friend is moving. Yep, the same friend I could wave to from my back porch if she was on her deck. My wonderful, decorating-diva, warm, loving friend. Nichole.

I'm happy for her, really I am. And I'm so thankful that God introduced us last year via a tennis ball (used as a hockey puck) whacking a hole in their garage siding. And I'm thrilled she's only moving 5 minutes away. I mean, come now, why should I be sad? Lots of great things are happening in her life! I can help decorate a big new house!

But I am sad. Because back-door-neighbors-who-become-friends are the best. There's a comfortable, "we're family" type of feeling every time there's a knock on the back door. And there's security in simply knowing your friend is close by when you see the glow of her kitchen light break through night's darkness. We watch each others' backs...literally.

I hate goodbyes. Even when they're not really goodbyes at all. I'm a silly bird, I know. My friend and her family have outgrown their nest and she's beginning to feather a new one. I'm sure I'll be singing again soon. But for now, this bird is singing the blues.


Mrs. C... said...

I understand completely. Our neighbor just moved as well, and although we don't have the same relationship there was kinship there for various reasons. It is quite sad as I look at their empty house awaiting the new neighbors. But there is blessing as well, because the new neighbors bring with them KIDS ~ something my street lacks in HUGE quantities. ;)Maybe you will be blessed with another friend on top of your existing one!

bfahs99 said...

OOOOOhhhhh! I am crying again! This is exactly what I get for not being the faithful blogger that I was before my little world got turned upside-down. Words cannot express the sadness I feel. The comfort I have found looking out my backdoor has always warmed my heart....but I really truly believe that moving a few minutes away will not change us a bit. Stronger ties bind us together.
xoxoxo always,

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