Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trust and Obey

*new mirrors from Marshall's
I believe in God. And I will tell you His ways are always best.

Sometimes (too often) I choose my own way.

But today I chose His...which didn't make human sense...but I was tired of the nudging.

I've had a student this semester who has stretched me, both in my teaching and in my spirit. I hadn't planned on killing pride in my heart (again) this semester, but alas, I have been busy doing just that. I hate when I think I've mastered something only to have it rear its ugly head yet again. Anyway, I am glad to be finishing up this course, mostly because I am weary of this student (who, I am sure, is weary of me, too) and the refining process of my spirit.
Earlier in the semester, out of the blue, I felt God directing me to pray for his salvation. I don't know if he knows Jesus or not, but I prayed. More recently the nudges in my spirit started...
"Give Him a copy of The Shack. "

I pretty much ignored the nudges. (Why hello, Pride, how are you today?)

This morning, the last day I would see him (probably forever),
I got another nudge. "Give him The Shack."

But, Lord, he has not been kind to me. He has been disrespectful.
I do not want to give him one of my books.

God said to my spirit that He knew all that. And I think He still wanted him to have the book. (Or maybe He just wanted ME to learn a lesson. Perhaps the book had nothing to do with anything!) Swell.

So I called him up before class started. I handed him his final paper and grade, told him he could stay for the review session if he chose, but there was no reason he needed to review for an exam he wouldn't be taking. He asked if it would hurt my feelings if he left.

HUH? Hurt my feelings? No, no. Not at all.

And then I handed him a copy of The Shack and said "I think you'll like this."
He was puzzled. He asked if he had to give it back. I assured him it was a gift from me to him. Consider it a graduation gift, I said.

And then he apologized to me.

Apologized. To me. For being a "nuisance" all semester.

I smiled and told him I appreciated his apology. He smiled back.
I was smiling at my student, of course. A genuine smile.

But I was also smiling at God.

He can be pretty bossy. Especially when I pout.

But He's always right.

It is a wonderful life with God. Even though sometimes it's hard.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Your posts never cease to blow me out of the water!!!

You listened. You obeyed. You were blessed. Awesome.

LillySue said...

AWwww~ I LOVE this post! I have so totally been there - didn't want to do that, but knew God knows better. Thank you for sharing!!

Mrs. C... said...

It is amazing to see God fulfill His promises!!! We just studied Deut. 28 where it clearly states that when we are obedient, there are multiples of blessings to follow. Good job!!!

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