Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here I am at 18. Ready to set out for college. I ended up at
"Harvard on the Hocking" (Ohio University).

I loved every single minute in this special and magical town. I sang in the community choir, I joined a sorority, I did public relations work for the School of Dance, I studied a lot, I changed my major, I laughed, I stayed for grad school, I met my husband.

This past weekend I revisited this place and caught up with sorority sisters I hadn't seen for 22 years. Most of our sentences began with the words "remember when..." I received my 25 year sorority pin. (Whoa) I visited my freshman dorm room. I took a picture of the phone booth (now bolted shut) where I used to call my parents before our telephone was hooked up in our room (and cry when I heard their voices say "hello" because even though I loved college...I loved them more).

Life moves fast.

Walking the brick walkways of my college town, the spring breeze blowing through my hair, old friends beside me, I turned my chin upwards and smiled.

Thank you, God, for the places, the people, the memories....

My life.


Mrs. C... said...

Can't see the cowboy boots going with what I can see of your outfit, but I am sure they would have been great!!! Glad to see that you had a good time.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

So curious to know which sorority you were in? Going back is always fun.

PS In 1983 I was 5 years old. It just made me laugh...

LillySue said...

Great photos...You look so happy (and cute!) Glad you had a nice reunion!

Paul said...

Thanks for this post.
My 50th high school reunion is at hand -
It is good to 'network' with our pasts -
Good for the individual, good for a nation too.
So many years - so quickly gone.
I sense that you have been making good use of your time.
Again, thanks.

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