Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bright and Spacious

A rocker! That's what I got at our annual Arts Festival!
Not just any rocking chair, this one has "indents" and "outdents" just where you need them! A dad and his daughter make them by that, too.
Now, on to the rest of the re-do...even my Dad noticed today how spacious our humble house seems!

I spent a lot of money on this ceramic cow's head for my Mom. What 16 year old gives her mother a gift like this? (She did love it though!). Growing up, we used the oar on the wall when we would go canoeing in the river in our backyard. My favorite childhood games were playing "Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer on the Mississippi" or "Harriet the Spy" in our woods (and on my sister's dates).

See this empty space under the table? I am trying reaaallly hard not to fill it up.
The table was $10 at a garage sale and very ugly before I painted it.

A better shot of this side of the room...

Cool mirror ($20 from the Flower Factory) which does zilch for a girl's self esteem, but looks beautiful on the wall.
It's kinda like a fun-house mirror. Not good for grooming.

My hand-me-down couch. The hope chest was a gift from my parents when I was a teenager. Nope, I never wanted the usual gifts.

Perhaps the best part of the new room...a basket next to my rocker filled with my Bible and devotionals. I'm trying to meet with my Maker every morning.
Out of sight, out of mind ("has anyone seen my Bible?!") so this basket has helped me a lot!

Today, I've been staring at this phone though. Our daughter is flying to Europe. I held it together at the airport this morning and God gives me peace (that truly does pass all understanding).
She is His.
And if I let Him, He makes letting a child grow up easier.
Need to go start dinner...we're hosting a family friend from Anchorage this weekend for his parents. He's here this weekend, at soccer camp all week, and then home on Friday. It's so wonderful to be able to return the hosting favor!


Paul said...

Poetry: "A quality that suggests poetry, as in grace, beauty, or harmony...."

Your photos and text are visual and verbal poetry....

'Tis hard to send the young ones away - for even a little while...

A thought comes to mind:
"Ships are safe in ports; but ships are not made to stay in ports."

And congragulations on being able to maintain the Alaskan connection...

Since our visit there we are most interested in that lovely part of our country.

Paul said...

Sorry about 'congrag...'...
Very careless...
We CONGRATULATE you both/all on the Alaskan Conncection...

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