Saturday, June 27, 2009


Garage sailing from last week's trip to the grocery...
Old wooden crate

100 year old stool from a neighbor's grandma (who they always called "Jane"). The embroidered piece underneith the embroidered piece (!) is ancient.

Old bottles! The woman hadn't unpacked them from the box yet, but I found them. Here they are in my windowsill. (Yes, our neighbors are close enough we can practically borrow sugar by reaching through the kitchen windows).

Dr. Miller's Heart Treatment, Sloan's Linament, Rubiform for the Teeth, "Lewis 66" and the tiny bottle on the right is Evan's Teething Syrup

The Little Souvenir --- "Miss Annie Robertson, Jan 2nd 1865"
Happy Weekend!


patty said...

great finds.. and is that ironstone on the window, too? i used to collect ironstone.. love it.

i lol'd at your comment at my blog! yikes! snakes! :p

Mrs. C... said...

Why can't I find great stuff like that???? Must be where I live.

Jamie said...

I love the crate and the blue book. (What an awesome color!)

I haven't had such good luck at garage sales...I see mostly vintage 80s plastic junk. Maybe I need to venture into some older neighborhoods. Any tips?

Tracey said...

What neat finds - I love that stool!!

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