Tuesday, June 2, 2009


19 years today. wow.

steve and I met our senior year of college and became close friends. we both dated other people, but a friend reminded me recently that i always invited steve on my dates. we studied together through grad school. he saved my neck when computers were big machines with floppy disks and i would make a mess of things. his dad met me and told his wife "I met the girl steve should marry today." we graduated. we broke up with our significant others. he helped me move from college to home. i moved to Virginia. he moved to northern ohio. he attended a wedding with me on labor day weekend, 1989. things were different. he proposed a month later. he drove to see me every weekend for 6 months. we married on June 2, 1990.

without him i would be lost.

and homeless...because he likes to save money. (who knew people really did that?)

you know i love you, steve. more everyday.

*This is Us by Mark Knopfler was playing on a halibut fishing boat in Homer, AK as Steve and I, and the kids, were reeling in 25 pound fish. I've loved it ever since because it reminds me of us and the incredible adventures God has thrust us into these past few years.


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! Nineteen years, wow. That is such an accomplishment and I'm glad you said you love him more now than before. (Signs of a good marriage.)Prayerfully happy for you today!

Mrs. C... said...

Congrats!!! The thing I love about your picture that you posted is that you both have genuine smiles on your faces. You see the love there, all these years later! I hope you are enjoying a weekend away, or a great dinner tonight - heck, if I am wishing, I hope you have BOTH!!! LOVE the song by the way.....off to itunes to find it for myself. :)

patty said...

happy anniversary! love the photo... what city? hope you find a wonderful way to celebrate

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