Wednesday, June 24, 2009


high energy songs...motions...choreographed silliness
we love each other...we love them...we love Jesus
we have fun...
He takes care of the rest...
i am the song leader and have been working all day...
so that once there, it all looks effortless!
...eagerly anticipating our Alaska trip
loving the Lord for inviting us along


Mrs. C... said...

Your job is so important. What I remember from VBS days is the silly songs with the crazy hand motions that when you got to the heart of it all, spoke volumes about God, His love, and His purpose. Right now the "King of the Jungle" song is in my head as that is the one MY kids have been singing lately. Some days I wonder why I taught them that song, but it is cute. I am sure you are doing a great job!

patty said...

cathy: this is a great photo! love the color! i'm confused, tho... i thought you were in alaska now on a mission? don't know where i got that from (?) crazy me!! hope you have a safe trip, and enjoy all you experience!
ps:thanks always for your warm encouragement.. makes my day :)

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