Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pre-Dawn Laughter

I get headaches during the night, so I will often rise way earlier than desired (to ward off a headache when I wake to the beginnings of pain). This morning, this is what greeted me in our downstairs bathroom where the kids shower.
Last night while our daughter [who is in Spanish III not Spanish II] was studying for final exams, and after I had snuck/sneaked? up to scare her, I begged her to put her dirty clothes in the hamper, wring out her wet washcloth and toss it in the laundry, hang up her towels, and put away her jewelry.

Because every stinkin' morning when I enter the powder room I am greeted by a pile of dirty clothes, good jewelry strewn about, a mountain of gross, cold, wet washcloths in the tub, and a pile of towels on the floor (if they've made it down from a pile on her bedroom floor).

But this morning? She had "decorated" with her belongings and left me a love note.

And made me laugh.

And that's always a wonderful way to start the day.


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Made me smile, too!
Tell her thanks.

Mrs. C... said...

It shows good character that you and her could make a laugh out of what could be a tense situation. It also reflects your relationship with your daughter, which is so precious. So sorry for the headaches, hope the giggling helped!

patty said...

what a great sense of humor! is that the note tagged on the shower curtain? how funny!
sorry for the headaches, too! :)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

That's funny! I love it when our kids have a great sense of humor.:)
xo Lidy

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