Friday, May 29, 2009

Creating Beauty

Yesterday was a Titus 2 Reunion Luncheon. Titus 2 being the ministry that has hosted 3 groups of women, you know the more experienced women sharing their wisdom and love for God with the less experienced (I'm in this group!). I have become friends with my "mentors" and volunteered to do the nametags yesterday. What fun I had!

I chose a bird theme and while looking for a crystal bowl to display the nametags, spied my decorative grass and plunked them there. Oh, that grass comes in handy!

I decided to add a giveway for the ladies. These bird's nest soaps are normally very expensive and only found in shee-shee boutiques, but I found them tucked away on a low shelf in one of my favorite stores. I wrote each lady's name on a slip of vintage paper and placed them in a bird's nest. All of this in a vintage suitcase, with the Titus 2 verses and some vintage ephemera...
I don't like to do crafts with specific directions that take forever to complete. But a bird's nest name-tag-giveway-project? I'm in heaven.
Creating beauty for beautiful women.
A lovely day indeed.

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Mrs. C... said...

Wow!!! IT is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could have come. The name tags are wonderful, creative, and look fantastic! Look at you go! What a fantastic give away as well. I hope that your luncheon was as filling.

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