Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prairie Time!

Lots of THIS to get there. Cornfields on the right. Beans on the left. Do you see the windmills in the distance? They look like something from a sci-fi movie!

Aunt Gail, Jerry and Cousin Katie knocked themselves out for our visit to the farm. Here are some of us (me in the bright blue, Madison in the dark, cousin Kaitlynne and Tommy's back) busy making smores.

An uncle's barn. Years ago there was an oil painting of this barn for sale in the Cafe and we didn't buy it. Drats. I love this barn.

A mama and her boys.
Have I told you what an incredible family I married into?

The birthday church. She doesn't look a day over 125.

Boys in the mud.

Cousins in the stream. Wonder what they were chatting about.

More Prairie pictures soon...

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patty said...

don't know if you are posting from there, so if you are, hope you are having a wonderful time!
thanks for the complimentary comment! i had a blog designer help with mine... but it's not done yet. had to make the move b/c i'd paid for the site and time was marching on!! glad i did, but small changes are yet to come.
hope you are well after all your heartache. i looked for an email addy to send you a personal note, but didn't find it. maybe i didn't look closely enough? mine is: if you would send me yours! (thanks)

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