Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paula's in the House

Am I the only one who can cook up a storm one week and than feed my family Lucky Charms the next?

I have been needing a new frying pan. Now I have other pans, but a cooking boycott has recently been in place pending the replacement of my sad-sack frying pan. Not that I fry very much of anything, but a good excuse for not cooking for your family is hard to come by when one is a stay-at-home-mom.

But I digress. I need a frying pan, but as I priced them I found that I could buy a whole set of new pots and pans for a little more than the price of a good frying pan.

Now, we're not talking All-Clad pans. (I do have one All-Clad but the clean-up? UGH! I'm just too lazy to soak and scrub. By the way--I bought my All-Clad from Home Goods for a song.) I just need basic, nonstick cookware.

Enter Paula Deen. My homegirl. She has a line of pots and pans ("cookware" if you want to be fancy), and every internet source I checked included raving, 5-star reviews. The look of this particular set is
antique-y and beautiful.

And I'm thinking a little part of Paula in my kitchen might just inspire me to branch out from our recent cereal buffet. And then in this morning's paper? In the Walmarts ad? (Yes, I meant to say "the Walmarts")


With a BONUS!

(Adorable hen measuring cups and hen measuring spoons.)

SOLD. (They had me at "hen...")

Tomorrow I plan on making my homemade spaghetti sauce (since the big expensive freezer has been a cold breadbox lately).

And ya'll, on Tuesday I'm fixin' to try grits in the morning and fried chicken for supper. Wednesday, I'll be whipping up a pound cake with butter cream frosting and strawberry-butter-jam-butter filling. Thursday, I think I'll do some hoecakes or cornbread, and Friday I'm gonna try to fry some pickles, ya'll.

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LillySue said...

Heehee! It is amazing how excited we can get over new pans. If I wasn't on this fast, I would come over to your house for dinner!

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