Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh my.

I know that I seem to see most everything through spiritual eyes (or at least I try), but this opening scene of Lost's finale is incredible. And I wasn't forcing something that wasn't there!

God ("Jacob," in the white shirt) and Satan ("Samuel," in the black shirt) having a polite conversation.

We don't watch too much television around here, but Steve and I have kept up with Lost and The Office on a regular basis. We finally watched the last of the finale last night. Our daughter had watched it the day before.

After seeing the end, we played the opening scene (the link above) and couldn't believe it. I ran in to tell our daughter our theory and she was equally excited. Before I turned her light off, she said "wow! our conversation in Spanish tomorrow is gonna be good...we always discuss Lost."

Today in Spanish II, a group of teens whispering in the back of the classroom will be talking about God.

I love how He works.

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Mrs. C... said...

OH you were not thinking into that show!!! Holy Cow!!! Wasn't it amazing??? Mr. C. and I are faithful watchers with your two shows as well ;) TEE HEE, one more way that we are connected. The only problem with Lost is now we have to wait until late January for the final season ~ absence makes the heart grow founder.

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