Friday, October 23, 2009

check out the beauty

Finally, I have a little time to give you a proper introduction to my new blogging friend, Ruth! Ruth is the proprietress of "The Beautiful Life, Inc." -- a vintage funk (with a French/Danish twist) online shop. Oh, the eye candy!

I don't remember how I found Ruth's blog, but I'm so glad I did!

If all of us were sitting across from each other over coffee, I would go on and on about "The Beautiful Life" -- after all, when I find something wonderful I shout it from the mountaintops.

I would show you the beautiful Danish magazine/book I bought from Ruth...
(and if we were eating, say, cheetos with our coffee, I would make you wash your hands before touching it)

And I would show you the amazing Paris stamps I received from "The Beautiful Life".

But, since we're not sitting at my kitchen table, here are the TOP 10 REASONS I love Ruth and her "Beautiful Life"....

10. I adore anything pretty and Ruth knows pretty.

9. I love things from our home that are out of the ordinary ("Beautiful Life" = unique)

8. Next to "customer service" in the dictionary is Ruth's photo.

7. Ruth picks out the best music! Sometimes I park myself at her blog and crank up the volume while I work around the house (these 2 new songs are Ruth's picks).

6. "Elegant essentials and sensible luxuries" - what a tagline.

5. Although I hate math, Ruth has the most fabulous number pillows!

4. Ruth loves her family. A whole lot.

3. Ruth doesn't post everyday (which tells me she has her priorities straight).

2. Ruth is as warm and friendly "in person" (ok, so we only chatted on the phone!) as she is on her blog. This is really important to me!

1. Ruth knows what true beauty is.

Life is beautiful!

And so is Ruth. So head on over and say hello!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

You have NOOOOOOOOOOOO idea, my friend... NO idea how much this meant to me. TOTALLY unexpected -- just clicking over to see your blog today and BAM there is my logo and then your amazing blog post...

I LOVED the Cheeto's reference!! Haha! (And I'd make someone wash before reading that mag, too!). :)

I adore my work/store/things I sell - but you know what tops it all?

People like you, who are not "customers" but truly FRIENDS.

Blogging has to be the epitome of the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover", because we all get to know each other, many times sight-unseen, and most time without knowing what political affiliation we have, what socio-economic group we're in, etc. and what we get to focus on is the PERSON... the heart.

Oh if we could do that all the time, huh? ;)

Thank you doesn't come close to what I'm feeling now, but somehow I hope it will do.

You've utterly made my day....



Jamie said...

Hi, Cathy--
Thanks for sharing this site and blog. It is, well, beautiful! I can't wait to spend some more time window shopping--maybe REAL shopping.
Happy Monday!

Mrs. C... said...

OOOOOOOH! I am in love!!! Thanks friend for sharing, and not keeping her to yourself (that like that is within you anyway!) I always like the songs you pick! One day, I will figure it out how to add music to my little blog :)

patty said...

i would NEVER {never, i tell you!} eat cheetos while parousing your new, beautiful book! {i might dribble a little, unexpected coffee on it as i "ooo" and "ahhh", but i'd wipe it right up!}. can't wait to go check that out...

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