Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Early Birds

My name is Cathy. And I love bird accessories.

Not just any bird accessory (they are everywhere now, aren't they?)

I just love the happy ones. The sweet ones!

I am always looking overhead for new bird friends to bring home.

I look up high on the tippy top shelf.

Oh hello, friends! Aren't you sweet!

Come here, I want to see you closer!

Oh, my! Don't be afraid...these are squeals of delight!

Are those cherry blossoms you're perched upon? Those remind me of my life long ago near Washington, DC when I used to watch the cherry blossom petals dance down, down, down onto water's stage.

How much to take you home to live with me?
Would you like that?

Let me look at your cage...

Quick! Into the cart you go before someone realizes this is much too low a price for such rare beauties!

I'll be gentle...(your family is heavy!) You represented them so well perched up high by yourself, you brave little birdie.

...they are all beautiful, too!

I was going to wrap you up until Christmas morn.

But you are too sweet and wonderful and cheery to hide!

You even sing a pretty song with my favorite Anthropologie apron.

Simple joy, you bring.

My early-bird Christmas friends.


Kristin said...

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. And is that a Target sticker I see? I must run there myself and look! :-)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

WOW~super cute. I was totally thinking "Didn't I see something similar in Anthro last week?" I'm sure I did, but you probably paid a fraction of the price, which makes these dishes even better.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Cathy!! You are soooo great at posting!

You should write full-time, girl!

I love birds, too, and my daughter, even more!

Great post, you funny thing, you!


patty said...

cathy! these dishes are GORGEOUS!! i love them! is that a target sign!? might have to copy-cat, but my husband might kill me... i have a thing for dishes and i'm about all dished out!! and i like that song, too! {no surprise!} have a great day tomorrow! :)

Mrs. C... said...

Makes me want to come and have some coffee with you, and muffins. Wait....Cinnamon rolls, and ooohy gooey frosting. Yep, on your porch, that might be NICE! Happy almost Wed!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

target... NO WAY! no way!

those are DREAMY... i mean DREAMY!

they look like they are from Anthro too!

what pretties! i can imagine happiness they will always bring!
good for you for digging in and enjoying them now!

Sandy said...

Lovely, lovely! So fun, and I love your blog!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Cathy! Thanks so much for visiting me, and for loving my friend Lesley's things...aren't they gorgeous? She is so very sweet, too.

LOVE the birds. LOVE. Wondering if I have any more room for any other sets of dishes here, right now. ack. Probably not, since I just ordered a ton of dishes to sell on my frenchgardenhouse website. I will have to admire yours. they . are. so . cute!

xo Lidy

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