Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yes, that's what you do! You inspire me to focus in on everyday life and see the beauty that surrounds me.

You've taught me that even utilitarian objects, like these saws hanging on an old mailpost, are a thing of beauty

Yoo-hoo! You, over there! I thought of you when I snapped this Santa sign. The contrast between the old barn door and the red sign is lovely, don't you think?

And you (yes, you) have taught me to take pictures of my children in totally new ways. "Say cheese" shots are fine, but you have taught me that everyday life without the "cheese" can be breathtaking!

You inspire me at every turn...

And whoaaaaaa! We're turning into a brand new week already.

Who is that coming around the bend?

Why, it's sweet December. Just on time!

May we focus on all the simple beauty she brings with her...

...and add to the beauty ourselves, too.

Life isn't perfect.

But it's beautiful.

(And I'm ever-so-grateful for the focus lessons.)


Claudia said...

I feel the same way - since I started blogging, I see my everyday world in a new way. It really is a gift, isn't it?

patty said...

oh, i love this post, cathy! it is DIVINE! thanks for all the inspiration you lend, as well!!
happy december!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I love your Christmas tree farm!!! Well not yours but, the place where you guys go to purchase your tree. We just go to the Home Depot as trees bought anywhere else are close to $100. And I'll be lucky if mine is still standing in 26 days. This morning the ornaments were being torpedoed across the family room. Oh joy.

And this blogging thing really does propel us to capture our precious moments and everyday moments in a whole new light, doesn't it?

I hope you are enjoying or enjoyed or will enjoy your days spent with your dad.

Paul said...

I love the 'action' picture of the harvested Christmas tree - it is full of the promise of the Christmas Season, of Christmas Morn, of families and friends gathering together.
And the weathered barn and the 'magical' sign and 'resting' work tools against the fence post...and the colors and lines of the wagon and wagon wheel.
Not everyone sees beauty and meaning in such settings...
The artist does.

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