Monday, November 9, 2009

Kitchen Nemesis

(exhibit A)

nem-e-sis: something that a person cannot conquer

(see exhibit A)

behold the bermuda triangle of our kitchen...

the dark and scary underworld...

the place of no return...

my nemesis.

Want the blender? Grab a flashlight, hunch down, contort your back, reach around, cut your finger on something sharp, find the utensil you couldn't locate last week, listen to your kids who always want to ask you something when your head's in the bermuda triangle, use your worst "cuss words" (crap! is my personal favorite*), sit down on the floor because your legs are cramping...

and pick another recipe that doesn't call for a blender.

Behold, the Greek Island of Peace! (no longer the Bermuda Triangle) -- also known as the

Baking Station

Nemesis gone.

(For now)

Do you have a house nemesis?

*I have boatloads of bad habits but cussing hasn't been one (yet).


*The Beautiful Life* said...

This is hilarious!! And yes, I have TONS of nemesis' all over the house! I'm thinking of one in particular (a closet) that I plan to tackle THIS WEEK!

Hey.... I noticed that can of Sugar Cookie Mix in the picture.... Making those should be your reward for a job well done!! :)


Jamie said...

I think I have a cabinet (or three) that qualifies, here. But there is even more--and some of it shows!

Thanks for the motivation. Happy Monday!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

We have this back counter that everything seems to pile up on, including dust. It's just a catch all for junk.
Now I must go clean it. Thanks.

patty said...

i sit (lay actually) here and laugh out loud... my whole house is my nemesis... is there a prince of peace for THAT?? :)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you are like cream in my coffee...
i just love you!

we had a BIG nemesis... when we moved into this home there was no pantry... and not enough kitchen storage to hold all the food.
nemesis no more... we had a pantry built in... "laaaaaaa la la"... that was the sky opening up & the birds singing!

right now... my nemesis... the laudry... i am having a time conquering it!

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