Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Tree Grows...

Step 1: find a container to hold the tree branch from your (nice) neighbor's yard. Put some rocks in the bottom and stick in your branch.

Step 2: Print off vintage backgrounds, get your stamps out and go to town. Use double-sided tape to attach the labels to your container. (I did this Thanksgiving Tree for my husband's birthday).

Step 3: print off all kinds of fun images from the computer (I love vintage), attach to cardstock and write or stamp until your thankful heart is so full it's bursting. Invite your kids to make thankful cards, too.

Step 4: attach pretty ribbons, twine or string to the cards (I used tape, ribbons, and my petite European stapler).

Step 5: Start hanging. (Make sure the tree is where you want it before hanging--mine is kind of huge and could poke an eye out while moving it about).

Step 6: Got a bird's nest? Put some twine and other fluff in there and maybe a little birdy. Set it between some branches. I also hung some brick-brack on mine, like a little silver trophy.

Wa-la! A Thanksgiving Tree!

I think I could grow a Thanksgiving Forest this year.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

CATHY! You have got to be kidding! This is AWESOME! I"m heading out the yard NOW to find a branch!

You rock -- Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hugs to your whole family (and a special prayer for your sweet daddy) from me!!


Mrs. C... said...

Leave it to you, to come up with a wonderful idea as this! Thank you friend!!! I am off to find a branch!

Aditya Dogra said...

good one

Claudia said...

What a fabulous idea! I think I have to have one!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh I dont know how I found you...someone said how adorable you are so I came to see adorable you! She was right. I knew I found a kindred spirit when you gave the definition of nemesis and the picture of your cupboard! I think that perfectly defines my workroom. I must blog about that!

patty said...

what a beautiful tree and a beautiful tribute!! :)
i'm thinking of sending thank-you notes this thanksgiving to folks who have done some small sweet things for us this year... and new tradition perhaps...

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

the BEST thanksgiving tree i've ever seen!
i sooooo love that!
what a special creation...
very special!

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