Monday, June 7, 2010

batter up


the first pitch of summer has been thrown our way!

all the balls will be heading our way soon...

family time at the lake...vacation Bible school at our church (for a thousand kids!)...summer gym for the high schooler and baseball for the boys (oh wait! in two more days we'll have TWO high schoolers!) and volleyball will be taking their balls out of the buckets soon, too


lotsa balls in that summer ball bag!

{and we can't forget Alaska...that's a BIG ball...sometimes thrown with lots of curves!}

summer has arrived...

and we're ready to take good swings at all those balls coming our way!


patty said...

what GREAT shots, cathy! the first looks like it has a fake background! so clear and crisp! and he's TOO handsome! you're gonna need a bat to beat away the girls!! ;o

great post!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

It wouldn't be a true American summer without baseball.

Anonymous said...

I do so love supporting sports. Just love it.

Sounds like you have a lot ahead of you! :)

Wonderful pictures. :)

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