Monday, June 21, 2010

domestic armor


there is just something about wearing an apron that makes feeding the chicken troops fun {if i had chickens i just know an apron would help}

i know for certain though that an apron makes me a better cook...

{or a cook at all}


so wasn't i surprised when Pansy Cottage & Garden emailed to tell me the great news...i had won one of her handmade aprons!

not only that, but i could pick out the apron of my choice AND the blogging friend i mentioned in my comment won a beautiful apron, too! {that Sharon sure is generous...i didn't even realize there was a giveaway!}

i alerted my family! there will be meals on our table soon! and they will be for us! (on occasion, my meals go to friends in need and my poor family gets grool)

my lovely package was waiting for me when we returned from the lake and Sharon even slipped in a little lovely heart with the apron, too! {that Sharon sure is generous}

so far i've battled my way through 3 dinners (in a row) for my family 

who knew domestic armor could be so sweet and pretty?

thank you, sweet Pansy Cottage & Garden!


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

You made me blush! I'm glad you are enjoying your "chicken feeding armor"!

Snappy Di said...

I generally wear a full apron when I cook since it saves splashing anything on my shirts and staining them... THAT apron is really nice! So pretty.


patty said...

girlfriend, YOU have a teeny, tiny waist!! :)
love that top shot, too. your blog is so delightful, always leaves me cheery!! :)

i've missed you-sending an email soon {soon as i catch my breath!}


Cathie said...

Congratulations Cathy - you wear it beautifully! And... well done Sharon!

建月 said...

好的blog需要我們一起努力!................................................................. said...

That really is lovely! And look how nicely it shows off your figure! Awesome! :)

I'm afraid it would required more than an apron to make me a decent cook. LOL

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