Wednesday, June 2, 2010



june 2, 1990

how is it possible to love a man more every day for 20 years?

Quinhagak 2009, Teddy 182

i love him as "dad"

Nebraska 2009 298

i love the way he just goes with the flow

{even if he hates the flow of shopping}

Nebraska 2009 391

i love how he protects and cares for us...

and he models what a real man is for our boys


from their earliest years...


to now


i love how our daughter knows what a real husband looks like...because of him


i love how we're both homebodies at heart

but surprise our friends and family with daring adventures every now and then


20 years of walking together through life

and all its messes and beauty, joys and sorrows...and laughter

oh, i am so grateful for a laughing soul mate!

seems to me like we've just started walking

but, oh! the ground we've covered together

if the stars were mine

i would give them all to my husband


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh Cathy!!!! I LOVE THIS!

Happy Anniversary to you BOTH!!

What a beautiful model of Christ-centered marriage you two are. Your children are so blessed to have both of you as their example for marriage.

Have a beautiful day together!!!!

(That wedding pic of you is beautiful!!! )


patty said...

oh-teary-eyed! how beautiful! a beautiful tribute! and he seems like such a great guy, cathy! congratulations and happy, happy anniversary! :)
{ps: loved the song!}

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. That jealousy I wrote about the other day? This is exactly what I'm talking about. I'm so happy for you that you've found someone special to walk with. That is no small thing. :)

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