Friday, June 11, 2010



we went to get her senior yearbook photo taken yesterday afternoon and when we got home i said "let's go out in the back yard with my rebel and play!"


does this camera rock or what?!

these photos are straight from the camera...

yes, her eyes are that blue

and children and strangers always want to touch her hair!

{we grinned at each other today when the photographer commented on her "amazing hair"}


i forget what we were laughing at here...

but this is how she usually looks...joyful!

man, i adore this daughter of mine

beautiful face

beautiful soul

thank you, God 

4537904904_e77e87f40a_sI am linking up with patty today over at Finding Serendipity because this is
the way i see favorite photo(s) of the week!


patty said...

holy wowsa... look out world! she is stunning, cathy! and it's YOU silly,(well, you and her!) not that rebel!! ;o

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Ohhhh Cathy.... God dispensed ALL His beauty at hand the day he created her. And then some!

But you know, you really CAN see her INNER beauty shining through. It's something that is either there or it isn't. And it's definitely "there' in your beautiful girl.

Those eyes. That hair. That face. That smile. That amazing girl inside all that beauty. Wow.

Oh, and she looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!

Thank you SO much for sharing her with us today!!

Ugh... wait. Did you say SENIOR pictures??????? Yikes.

College plans yet?

If she wants to think about Florida schools (University of Tampa!) Auntie Ruthie will take good care of her!!! :)

(Hint, hint...)

Have a great weekend!!


Claudia said...

She is just beautiful, Cathy! I agree with Ruth - her inner beauty shows as well. Beautiful photos.


kendal said...

Beautiful daughter, beautiful pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I'm going to peruse yours!

Ruth said...

Love the pictures. She is beautiful. Love her smile and laugh~so full of life and happiness.


Cate said...

She is absolutely beautiful Cathy - and i posted pics of my girl this week too!

We are very blessed as mothers aren't we?

Mrs. Dunbar said...

she is beautiful, just like her mother. and that hair is amazing.

Anonymous said...

You know what is hilarious, when I saw the first shot I immediately though, "Oh those blue eyes, and look at that hair!"

I laughed out loud when I heard you mention those same things.

She's lovely! :)

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