Friday, September 10, 2010

{black & white}

diptych {B&W}




notice the details

black & white

patty's on bottom, mine on top


Mrs. Dunbar said...

hey lady! i love the classic look of black and white photos. And the heart on the cheek, that is a heart isn't it(?), priceless.
let's catch up soon.

patty said...

lovely interpretation... love your image, too... what was the mud for? bug bites? {true: mud will draw the stinger out} sunscreen? {true: it will block the UV rays!} or. play?? :)
{my word verification is: whilt. perfect.} :)

Claudia said...

I like the idea of your team up. Thanks for sharing these photos.


Mrs. C... said...

Okay, the photos are indeed lovely. What else would they be. However, what kept me looking at them, was the song. Be Thou My Vision is the hymn that I have adopted to be my life-Long Prayer. I LOVE this hymn.....

Kellee said...

I just love your pairings. You and Patty were a partnership meant to be.

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