Wednesday, September 22, 2010

crate love


so i went to a barn sale a few weeks ago and bought something i've been wanting for a few years...


i almost bought one at an antique store a few years back for $40 but didn't

so when i saw this cHicKen cRaTe i started clucking

then i nearly fainted when the farmer said 

"ohhhhh, i dunno...10 or 20 dollars?"


music to my ears!

so i hauled this little crate {$10} over to my van and nestled it in beside my {$30} antique white wicker chaise lounge (i know!)

i cleaned and bleached (and cleaned some more)

then i attached some wheels and wa-la...

a brand new {old} chicken crate coffee table

makes me wanna do the chicken dance


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I love those pictures. Looks like a magazine, what a great job! If you do the chicken dance I'll do it too:)

Mrs. C... said...

We Italians DO love a good chicken dance every now and then! Yeah for you and patience is a good virtue that paid off.......quite literally this time. :) Happy Clucking friend.

Kellee said...

I DIG your style. I really do. I feel as though I would be calm and at home in your home. :)

patty said...

absolutely beautiful and i love the whole room! the settee is gorgeous! {pilLow, too!}

carissa... brown eyed fox said...


that is screaming good!
like... watch your back... or i might fly that way...
and roll that baby out of there... like a mad women...
that all of a sudden lost her mind...
over a chicken coop turned greatness! :O)

clever... as ever!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

your home!
i love to see pics of it!
soooooo pretty cathy!
you have such an eye!

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