Friday, September 17, 2010

{depth of field}

diptych (DoF)

my gumballs, patty's crayons


each week patty and i decide on a team-up theme for this photography project

then i upload my photo onto flikr and patty does her magic by adding her photo


it's always fun to see how each of us interprets the theme with our cameras

{or if lighting is wrong or we're crazy busy, we pull old photos that fit}

today's pair totally rocks...such ViBrAnT cOloRs!

i think patty and i hit it off right away because we're both grab-life-by-the-horns-try-to-leave-the-world-a-better-place-go!-go!-go!-kinda girls

when patty and i meet face-to-face someday, i think COLORS will surround us...sunny yellow warmth, pink excitement, rich brown word tapestries

color girls

we are


Kellee said...

I adore this photo. Gorgeous colors, beautiful DOF, both very youthful and happy subjects. Lovely. Love it!

Crogro - another weird word. LOL

patty said...

love this cathy! i don't know what was up w flickr... i'm thinking if the traffic is heavy maybe it wont send? dnt know, but love the looks of this! :)) happy colorful weekend to ya!

Rowdy said...

I've tried to shoot depth of field before but didn't have a lot of success with it...

Your pics are wonderful!

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