Tuesday, September 14, 2010

laugh: 2


just thought i'd post a pic

of my husband smiling for the camera

and that's me doing my "facebook pose"

{seems like every teenager strikes this pose on FB}


it does seem like laughter is a running theme around here


patty said...

i bet you make him laugh lots... and he has beautiful, uncrossed blue eyes! ;)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Cathy, I can just see you as a stand up comic. This picture is SO great! "Facebook pose" indeed! UGH! If I see ONE MORE sideways "peace" sign... oy. :)

You rock. I don't know how I'm missing so many blog posts -- from you and several others. I found that a couple of other friends' blogs have gotten away from me, too -- don't know how. But I've got some catching up to do!!!

Loving this pic!! You should put it as YOUR fb profile pic!! :)


Polly said...

great pose! Your blog is delightful, am still enjoying the music I learned about from you a few months ago

Kellee said...

Lovely pic!

I would also like to know why patty gets a word like wilt... and I get cophoc... senuc... ignalsip, mizessi? Are these even words? What the heck?

Rowdy said...

HA! Love this pic!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

sooooo cute!
your hubby too!
what a pair!

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