Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Work

Today I go back to work at the university. Before every semester begins, I regret agreeing to teach another course (I only teach twice a week while the kids are at school). The butterflies begin their bi-annual flight in my stomach a few days before the semester starts because I was born a people-pleaser; facing 25 new college students each semester doesn't really jive with a people-pleasing personality.

But, the good news...I am not nearly the people-pleaser I used to be (thank you, God)! And once the semester gets rolling? I'm absolutely crazy about my students and wouldn't trade my job for anything.

Last night I dreamed I had 100 students. Our classroom was a big, empty cathedral. I couldn't hear anyone. I had forgotten my notes. Former students showed up to say hello. There was a fire drill.

Yep, it's the beginning of a new semester. And based on my nightmare and the butterflies, I know it will --once again--be wonderful.

If you're never uncomfortable in life, you're not growing.
-author unknown


Elise said...

oh, sister, i am the same way! i will be teaching ladies class sunday morn... let the strange dreams begin! i find peace and hope in your words- it always ends up being a stretching, growing learning experience, doesn't it?

i pray your first day went well, and so for all the days after...

Paul said...

Bob Hope used to say that part of being successful was to have those 'butterflies' just before you go on.
And he otta know.
I used to have them in the fall as well; and after any vacation; and even on some Monday mornings.
Perhaps not having them means that one is not really up for the opening event.

Paul said...

We saw 'Twilight' with Daughter and Son-in-Law.
Would love to know what you thought of it.
We were the oldest in the theater...and the young girls just loved Edward...
We enjoyed it...

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