Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yes, I'm airing our dirty laundry today. Here is the usual state of things in our laundry room.
If I just shut my eyes and think about these, I feel better...
But these sunflowers are being held in HAP (Home Accessory Prison) in the basement. Too much stuff...

But wait...let me think what accessories I can free and use to re-do my laundry room...

Here's some...out with the Tide box! Out with the Bounce box! Hide the Oxy Clean in a bunny jar!

I loved this star when I bought it, but she's never been at home here. Poor thing. Maybe she'll like the laundry room.

Same for the basket...shopper's regret. Old sheet music I framed. Again, a wanderer...singing the blues. But she's whistling dixie up here!

Alright--one more look at the BEFORE...

And the AFTER

Ahhhh. I think I like it.

Laundry. Just Do It.*(In a happy place).

*I saw this sign on a blogger's (http://lifeongrace.blogspot.com/) laundry room wall.
Laundry. Just do it.
Ain't it the truth?


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Love the white canisters and basin for the detergent. Very classy!!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

That was quite the transformation there! I love it all! So fancy! Thanks for stopping by earlier! I have noticed it seems to be a small world and I run into the same people everywhere! Fun!

bfahs99 said...

Ahhhhh. I am so relaxed by the beauty of my neighbor's decor! Another fabulous transformation!

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