Friday, January 30, 2009

Life Can Turn on a Dime

I am thankful this week that we are not planning two funerals.
My in-laws' car hit a patch of ice coming down a West Virginia mountain. My mother-in-law said a lot of thoughts went through her mind in those brief moments before she shut her eyes and prepared to die.

"I had been reading "The Shack" at the hotel and in the car, and at first I remember thinking 'God, I don't want to leave' but then an incredible peace came over me and I thought "ok, I can leave..."

After their car hit a rock (instead of flying over the side of the mountain since there are no guardrails), they got their wits about them and drove to a gas station. Before leaving, the mechanic told them "God be with you!" Another woman came up and said "you're not leaving this place until I lay my hands on you and pray for you!"

I have been so blessed with the family I married into. And I am so blessed to be a daughter of the King who watches over His children, protects us when there is danger, gives us peace when we call on Him, surrounds us with loving believers when we need support, and walks us Home when our time on earth is over.


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Life can seriously take a toll so fast. My mother-in-law was rear ended last night. The other driver was going 50mph. Everyone is okay, but still you never know.
Glad to hear your in-laws are well.

Paul said...

Several sayings, words of wisdom come to mind:

"To really live, you must almost die."

Winston Churchill [paraphrased]:
To be shot at and missed makes the colors brighter; the smells sweeter."

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