Monday, February 1, 2010

Back in My Own Pond

Isn't he just creepy? You do see him, don't you? And yes, I got this close to him to snap (no pun intended) this picture (w/our pocket camera).

I'm back from visiting my Dad and his wife (and their resident alligator) in sunny Florida. My Dad looks amazing (after this) and I adored being close enough to just gaze at him.

Had fun just window shopping (only bought a Gap teeshirt!), lunching, and breathing in the salty air. I traveled alone to make hosting easy on my Dad and his wife (they've been through the ringer these past few months) so it was relaxing just concerning myself with me! All the locals were complaining about the "cold", but coming from Ohio, it felt downright tropical.

On the way there, I gave up my seat (my idea) so a married couple could sit together. Little did I know the husband wasn't sitting in the aisle seat behind us (on the teeny plane) but in the window seat! Instead of saying "oh, I'm so sorry, but I thought I would be changing to another aisle seat", I stuffed myself and my luggage into that little space and watched my large seat mate promptly fall asleep whereby his relaxed body smooshed me even more. When I looked up half way throught the flight, the married couple had moved and my whole row sat EMPTY!

If everything in life is a lesson, I'm still trying to figure that one out. (And "don't give up your aisle seat" seems so harsh.)

On the two legs home, I made wonderful friends which made up for my ditzy move on the way there. My seat mate from Florida to Atlanta (an opthamologist) had me read passages from her book because she wanted me to experience the author's wit (it's on my "to read" list now).

And from Atlanta to Ohio, I got to chatting with a photographer and his wife who had just photographed the inauguration of the new president in Honduras. The wife works for The Limited doing all kinds of creative things and flies on the corporate jet weekly to NYC. Loads of interesting conversation on all sides!

I'm generally not real chatty on planes, but sometimes short little friendships are just destined to happen!

Well, the pond here got kind of stagnant so I better get my mop out and stir things up a bit. As fun as it is to travel, I always love coming home to my own pond..mostly because I adore all the critters who live in it!


Mrs. Dunbar said...

I bet your little critters missed you! And how in the world were your brave enough to get that close to that alligator?!?! And "resident aligator" at that?

I want to know all of the things you learned from that photographer and his wife. Oh the people you meet on planes. Normally I'm not to talkative myself, especially since now, if I fly I usually have a little on in tow and I'm "that lady with the kid."

Glad you made it home safe! Hugs.

P.S. E and I were missing you on Friday night. Someday you will seriously have to come and visit.

patty said...

welcome home, my friend! loved your post... and your photo {my reptile-lovin' son would swoon}. love interesting conversations with strangers!

Mrs. C... said...

Welcome home to your pond. I like that analogy. Right now my pond has strep throat scum surfacing. I hate sick kids. Not only that but there is a layer of stomach bug going around as well. OY to have a critter that would eat all of the garbage away.

Good for you to break out of your box and be chatty. Me, I am pretty chatty. And for the couple who you gave your seat up for, they appreciate it, even if they didn't say so. ON our honeymoon we were told 'NO" and it has stuck with me ~ 15 years later!

Just think, with the money you saved on just buying a t-shirt you can shop in that Pottery Barn Catelog I told you about! :)

Blessings friend ~ off to do homework that didn't get done in a doctor's office.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

So glad your Dad {with his heart of gold!} is doing well, and that you got to spend some time just staring at and loving on him.:)

xo Lidy

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