Wednesday, February 3, 2010

God's Funny Love

Friend: "Thanks for all the groceries, Cath.  And guess what?"

Me: "You're welcome.  What?"

Friend:  "I can only tell you this story...but that toilet paper you sent?"

Me: "Yeah (laughing). I grabbed a package from my warehouse supply at the last minute to put in the box with the food.  True friends give toilet paper!"

Friend"Well, you know money is really tight with all the medical bills and what not.  And I went to the store this afternoon to get toilet paper.  I bumped into Janet and totally forgot to get it.  And we're down to one roll.  I walked in the house kicking myself that I forgot...and there was your gift of toilet paper on the counter!"

"God's faithfulness I was experiencing continually, and I was also finding out something about His sense of humor."
-Brother Andrew

Isn't God amazing, the way He leads and nudges us to do "little things" that turn out to be BIG things for someone else?

And sometimes, He does little things for us that turn out to be really BIG.

Remember this book?  The one the lady on the plane recommended?
Well, I've been on a spending hiatus in 2010, but I really (really) wanted to buy this book.  Even though the library had 3 copies (for FREE), I anticipated loads of clever wordsmithery that I would want to underline and highlight. 

But I was convicted. And I love how happy my hiatus makes my husband.

So, to the library I went.
I chose the least dog-earred copy
(and told myself all the people who read it before me had very clean's like reading a tattered magazine at the doctor's office...yehewwwwww!).

On the way to check out, I told our son I wanted to sweep a glance at the new book section.

Which meant we had to pass a teeny, tiny, little Friends of the Library "For Sale" shelf.


God has a sense of humor alright.

Nestled in between a handful of ancient runt books that no one wants sat a new-looking copy of my New York Times, 2009 bestseller.

For $1

I get that God loves all of us.

But sometimes, I am overwhelmed when He reminds me through simple things (like using me as a messenger of His love for someone else or a finding a dollar book), that He's crazy in love with ME.

May I never be so preoccupied that I ignore God's gentle nudges to meet someone's needs (often needs of which I know nothing about!).

And may I never be so busy that I forget to read all
the little love notes He sends just to little old me.

God is the best Valentine a girl could want.


Mrs. Dunbar said...

YOu are amazing.

I love the words you bring to life.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh my how happy you must make your Creator. You are amazing and your amazing words paint the TRUEST picture of our Lord.

I love you!


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I LOOOVE that! Bravo!

Mrs. C... said...

Isn't it amazing to receive the little gifts from God, while sometimes waiting the bigger ones?! I love the little things in life that let us know HE is there. :) By the way, I filled my bird feeder, and thought of you!

patty said...

such a beautiful post, cathy!! i love it! let's meet at blissdom next year, ok?!

Margaret Pangert said...

This is a lovely blog. Having God as a Valentine is a beautiful comment to make this week. I was interested in all your books. A Week in Provence makes you want to pack up and go! And you have a book by Anne Lamott that I saw--everything by her is so meaningful. Thanks for this respite. Blessings, Margaret

Jamie said...

Thanks for the reminder. Oh, and I totally get the library-cooties thing. I just try not to think about it! Denial CAN be good.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

What amazing stories. I love it when God is so obviously working through us and in us. Enjoy your new book!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Paul said...

I gave the book to Dear Wife last year. Found it whilst wandering through Border's...
She loved it.
And by the way, the fish basket you photographed - it looks delightfully and well used.
You would please at least one of your readers if you would tell how you came upon it.
Thanks in advance.

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